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Unlike other trainers, we offer a bespoke training service centred around supporting you. We offer different variations with all of our courses to suit your needs. Take a look through our course packages to find the right one for you.

Course Only

Our course only variation is our most cost effective, you’ll receive a 3 day CCSA/CCSE/CCSM course (depending on what you choose) led by instructors with decades of experience in teaching and operating Check Point equipment. This will be conducted at our Check Point Authorised Training Facility at Stuart House in Peterborough with a small class size to help you get the most out of your course. You’ll receive full support leading up to your training course from our admin team, who are there to provide you with any information you should require. Once completed the course you’ll have the ability to review your it in order to guide potential improvements we can make in the future.

Course + Hotel (PLUS)

In the course plus hotel option, you’ll receive all the features mentioned above in the course only option, whilst also having your accommodation provided for you whilst you’re on the course at the Park Inn Hotel in Peterborough. With the hotels short walk from our training centre you won’t have stress about finding your way there or being late. Not only that but you’ll also receive a free breakfast each morning of the course as well as an evening meal and 1 drink.

Course + Hotel + Q&A + Exam Voucher (PRO)

In this pack you receive all the features mentioned above in the previous two course options as well an extra day spent going over all the course material and any specific areas you’re still unsure about, this gives the best tools possible to prepare yourself for your exam. Which you will receive a voucher for, to use at a later date.

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